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From $290 for a Standard Tint.
From $450 for a Premium Solartint® Product!


Our truck and car tinting facility is conveniently located within Spinners Automotive in South Murwillumbah! Our tint bay can cater for any vehicle size, from a Mini all the way up to a Prime Mover.
Murwillumbah has some fantastic shops, restaurants and lots of things to check out while you wait for your vehicle to be tinted. Just head on up to the front desk or send us an enquiry to find out more!


→ You'll Feel Up to 80% Heat Reduction + 99% UV Block - You'll Never Burn In The Car Again!
→ Car Tint Cuts 3/4 Of Blinding Glare - Making It Much Safer To Drive.
→ Window Tint Saves Your Interior From Perishing In The Harsh Sun.
→ Window Film Creates Privacy In Your Car - No More Awkward Moments At The Traffic Lights!
→ With A Wide Variety Of Car To Choose From, Your Car Will Look Stunning!
→ Peace Of Mind - Our Solartint Products Come With A Lifetime Warranty!

Reduce Heat

Block UV 99%

Cut Glare

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Stop Fading

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Create Privacy