Adding window tint to your office, warehouse or commercial space can benefit you, your business & your staff in a variety of ways. Commercial window film is popularly to control solar issues, gain privacy or as a decorative feature. Often offices with a large amount of people or poorly placed windows can become very hot, Solar control films are very good heat and glare reduction tools. Many businesses front onto the footpath or street, to be able to gain privacy between yourselves and the outside world is an asset worth having. It may be a frosted finish or a 1-way mirror you need, rest assured we have all the solutions to the solar forces and privacy issues that upset your workplace.


Ask about out world class security window film, brought to you by Hanita Coatings. Protect your home & business with our leading edge products. Our Security films come in a variety of strengths and tints and all have a 99% UV reduction rate. With privacy, heat and glare defense incorporated at the manufacturing stage, we'll be sure to find you the exact fit you need.

04 Mil - Great Defense and Deterrent. Child, pet, flying object safe.
07 Mil - Exceptionally tough! heavy impact resistance: BS180lb/inch
12 Mil - Superior Strength! 7 minute break in. BS336lb/inch
15 Mil - Unbeatable toughness! Blast proof, Nearly impossible to break.


Privacy is paramount when it comes to commercial window film installation. Having the right level of privacy will make the world of difference to you & your staff. Privacy film is very commonly used to disguise valuables, protect confidential material and to create a partition between staff and superiors in a busy office environment. Tinting the face of your commercial premise also enhances the look, increasing professional appeal, Lets face it, your customers don't want to walk up to your business and see messy desks with computer cabling lying everywhere, and they certainly don't want to walk up to an office with the blinds all shut. Give your image the professional edge with privacy film,  whether it be a mirrored finish, darkened finish, decorative or frosted finish you are after, we have all the solutions and the best advice.


Did you know that millions of people are harmed at work each year by very preventable causes. Heat exhaustion, headaches, sun burn, eye strain and skin cancer are all common diseases brought about by failing glazing systems. Billions of dollars are spent each year covering the costs of lost working time, expenses for treatment, compensation and even rehabilitation in severe cases. Creating a comfortable and safe working environment is the best choice you can make for your staff. Window film will block ultraviolet light and reduce heat and glare by up to 79% but that's only the beginning. Your electronics will last longer, your furniture, flooring and stock wont fade. You will spot reduced cooling costs on your energy bill and the glazing system itself will become stronger! In an event of glass breakage due to impact, the majority of the shards will remain in place. No job is to big or to small, from a hair salon to a skyscraper, we tint them all.



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Warranty Information

Commercial window film installed by Tweed Coast Tinting comes with a 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 year Guarantee depending on type and application. The warranty covers your window film against cracking, fading, bubbling, peeling and de-laminating. With Tweed Coast Tinting comes piece of mind, rest assured that the film we are installing is nothing but the highest quality tint money can buy.